Cole is our Student Minister. That means he spends most of his time teaching, programing for, and engaging students from 6th grade all the way through college. He and the students play a lot of games and drink oodles of coffee but most importantly they work closely together to grow near to God and walk as Jesus did learning from the movement of the Spirit.



​Blake is a Shepherd at Valley. He and his wife Becky spend a lot of their time caring for the church and for their six children. Blake and Becky teach classes and help lead the church in corporate worship. Blake works hard, along with the other shepherds, to cast a vision for Valley and follow the Spirit as God leads His church.​

david brackney


David serves as a Shepherd at Valley. He and his wife Alisa are deeply committed to the church. David helps lead worship and organize instrumental worship nights. He is head of education and invest much of his time coordinating the classes for our church. He is also involved in helping make decisions and finding direction for the congregation.