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We are putting together 150 cookie tins or boxes with 12 cookies in each box. Yes, that is 1,800 cookies. We need families to volunteer to bake cookies and provide the tins or boxes to put them in. The church will pair each tin or box with frosting and sprinkles and given to families in partnership with Carriage Town Ministries' gift giving event.

Help us bring a little bit of Christmas cheer to some great families in the Flint area. Feel free to share this with a friend! Click the "I Can Help" button below, if you are able to bake some cookies, or contact Cole,

Drop off is at Valley Church

December 6th from 12:00-3:00pm

NOTE: Please wear gloves and a mask while you prepare the cookies. You may also consider buying pre-made cookies or dough to have less contact with the cookies. 

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